Nonprofit to host free Back to School rally at Mylan Park

MORGANTOWN — Say you’re a kid.

And you’re feeling lost.

Your classmates are Neanderthals and your teachers are only in it for their summers off.

And your parents?

Well, yeah.

But think about it: How would you deal with things if you were your kid?

Everyone  these days is trying to navigate in  tumultuous times, said Deb Mullens, who runs her nonprofit Daughter of the King Ministries Inc., in Morgantown.

She’s inviting everyone out to Mylan Park on Friday Aug. 10.

Her ministry is hosting a free Back to School rally that day for area youth in grades 6-12, with an added lineup of informational sessions for parents and other caregivers.

The gathering will be from 7-10 p.m. at the expanse on Chaplin Road.

“The idea is to make sure all those components are lined up in one place,” Mullens said last week.

“Young people get the tools they need to make the right decisions. Parents  get the knowledge and awareness they need so they know what to look for.

The evening includes live music from Christian-based bands, plus free food and activities.

Mullens said she wants  young people to leave Mylan Park  knowing that their parents and teachers really do care.

Scheduled speakers include a Division I baseball coach and a successful businessman, both of whom blend their religious faith into their professional lives.

Another is a man who, while impaired, piloted a boat that crashed, injuring himself and several passengers.

A social worker, Morgantown police officer and the parent of a child who died from addiction will lead a question-and-answer segment, Mullens said.

The session is titled, #parentsreality: Do You Know the Warning Signs?

Topics  from addiction to human trafficking will be discussed,  Mullens said.

Teaching, not preaching, is the spirit of the evening, she said. That’s what got her into all of this.

Mullens  grew up in Tucker County, married her high school sweetheart, studied at WVU, started a family and became a community volunteer and advocate for causes.

Along the way, she taught at Trinity Christian School and Chestnut Mountain Ranch, in Morgantown.

She still has a teacher’s heartbeat, she said.

“Kids are hurting, and when they’re hurting, they escape,” she said.

“If life gets hard, reach out. There are resources for you. There are people who will help you.”

Contact Mullins at for more information. Daughter of the King Ministries on Facebook at

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