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Public deserves reason for I-79 paving delay

Cheryl B. Fox, Morgantown
The person responsible for the planning and implementation of the resurfacing of Interstate 79 between Star City and Mount Morris must have a negligible IQ.
Who would allow both northbound and southbound lanes to be milled at the same time, then close one lane in each direction? Surely, there was a better approach than the one implemented.
I’m certainly not an expert in road construction; however, any person in charge of such a project surely would ensure that the disruption would not occur for an extended period of time; that only one lane in each direction would be milled, resurfaced, reopened; and the procedure repeated on the other lanes.
Motorists deserve an explanation as to why the project was approached in the manner it was and the projected date for completion. Based upon a sign on the interstate earlier this year, motorists were cautioned that construction would commence in March, then each month the timeframe changed. At the rate the work is progressing, it will be winter before construction is completed.
If there were an emergency or accident, first responders would have difficulty reaching the scene, as there is barely sufficient room for one vehicle to traverse.
The only work I have witnessed recently is by survey crews. The machinery has been idle for over a week. Answers, please.