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Who’s making choices for us now in America?

Leonard McIe, French Creek
While thinking about our recent Fourth of July celebration, I’m reminded of our Constitution, its Bill of Rights and our freedoms of choice.
I’m also reminded of our American veterans and active service men and women who fight and die for America so we are ensured our freedoms.
Yet, I ask, what is freedom when city councils or social groups can take away those rights that we have fought and died for? Take tobacco products. I know tobacco is not good for anyone, but neither are a lot of things. Are there going to be laws to have us not eat foods that are bad for us because of obesity and heart disease?
And why in the past were students taught they needed to eat red meats, eggs and cheese to keep us healthy and now we’re told that’s what is killing us?
Who is it that should be held accountable for these bad choices? And when are alcoholic beverages going to be outlawed to stop the abuse and damages caused by alcoholism and secondhand effects such as highway fatalities and drunkenness?
These questions I ask as an American citizen with my freedom of speech. And I do see our news publications as being the voice of we the people.