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Strategies to stockpile votes take many forms

Delmar Hagedorn, Morgantown
Gerrymandering political districts is just a small part of the strategy to drum up party votes.
Gov. Jim Justice is one example of this. He was elected as a Democrat and then became a Republican. Republicans baited their hook to the poor while setting the table for the wealthy.
Officials should be required to stay in the party they are elected to for the term of their office or resign. Ensuing replacement appointees should be from the same party that was elected. (Also, if you owe the government $4 million in taxes, you should have to pay up or not get the job.)
Another tactic is loading the opposing party roster with false candidates to prevent a preferred candidate from getting the majority of votes.
Lets see, there’s 20,000 voters. We have one candidate running against their candidate. Lets get five more people to run on their side so he won’t get as many votes. Our side wins.
In 1979, coal mines shut down everywhere. The coal miner was under duress to vote for Ronald Reagan.
Then in 2016, the same happened: Mines shut down, Trump promised jobs back and got miners’ votes. It was a political ruse — a dirty trick by an economic establishment to garner political favoritism.
Coal operators bartering to shut mines for Trump votes should be calculated as campaign contributions. Coal operators got increased demand for coal and Trump got a free ride.
Coal miner jobs were (like immigrant children) kidnapped for Trump’s elite egotistical endeavors.