Young Star Wars fans learn lightsaber skills

MORGANTOWN — Young Star Wars fans got a taste of the ways of the Jedi on Thursday, when members of the Outer Rim Praxeum Lightsaber School taught a children’s workshop based around the fictional energy sword at Spruce Street United Methodist Church.

“We’re teaching the basics of Shii-Cho,” said instructor Jeff Norton, referencing a beginning form of lightsaber combat. “We will also go over what the Jedi code is, along with how you would fight with a lightsaber with a partner. So, that way, they learn control. They learn combat styles. And they can eventually advance if they continue their training.”

The Fairmont-based organization teamed with the Morgantown Public Library to offer the workshop to kids in the fourth grade and up.

Participants crafted their own lightsabers, viewed dueling examples and were able to put what they learned into practice.

The Outer Rim Praxeum Lightsaber School hosts practices, and members attend and perform at gatherings such as Not-a-Comic-Con Day in West Mifflin, Pa., and the West Virginia Renaissance Festival in Lewisburg.

The Morgantown Public Library often hosts workshops and educational programs for children. Next up will be a class Monday showcasing Mexican folk art as seen in the 2017 movie “Coco.”

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