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Only hope for fixing our potholes a pizza chain?

Cathy Britvec, Morgantown
I have come up with the solution for our horrible, ridiculous pothole situation and I’m not an engineer.
While watching my favorite show, “American Pickers,” one of the commercials gave me a great idea. The commercial involved a car, a pizza and a pothole, and the subsequent loss of a pizza, which I’m sure most of us have had happen.
A “national” pizza chain is offering to fix potholes which are causing this horrible loss of pizzas across the U.S. All one has to do is submit a request.
Perhaps we could submit an entire city — Morgantown — there are plenty of potholes to go around. Now, which do we think would happen — the chance that the West Virginia Division of Highways would fix and repair potholes which have been around for several years, or that the “national” pizza chain would take up the task?
Our only hope is on the pizza chain.