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Roadwork on I-79 not meeting expectations

Tony Columbo, Canonsburg, Pa.
I would like to know who are the people working on the resurfacing job on I-79 between Star City and Mount Morris, Pa.?
Whoever it is, I would fire the whole crew. This is ridiculous. They started this project many weeks ago and still haven’t gotten very far and have left the roadway a mess.
They haven’t even worked on the roadway for over two weeks, leaving motorists traveling this road very frustrated. What highway construction outfit tears up not one but two lanes (north and southbound lanes) leaving only one terribly unsurfaced road for about five miles?
To top it off, they haven’t even worked on the road for almost two weeks. It’s as if they just walked off and quit. This is a major interstate, traveled daily by thousands of motorists. Is West Virginia that desperate or that ignorant?