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We will be better for it when Loughry case over

Steven Knudsen, Morgantown
I have learned the hard way to speak up when a good person is in trouble, even if it is of his or her own making.
State Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry probably did get stuck with his hand in the cookie jar. How did the author of a book on ethics and law get himself in this mess?
I met Justice Loughry on my first trip to Charleston to see Lisa Loeb play “Mountain Stage.” My family and I walked right by the building and wandered a bit.
There was only one person in sight, a man in a suit carrying a briefcase. I approached him and asked for directions. He told us, and then his evident nervousness dissipated.
He said his name, and emphasized the pronunciation as “Law-free.” Irony aside, he struck me as an earnest man interested in the common good.
I believe that whatever he has done, he can bear the penalty and rebuild. We will all be better for it.