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Haymaker Forest a good fit for track, pool complex?

Catherine Nolan, Morgantown
In response to recent public comments by Morgantown’s deputy mayor, Mark Brazaitis, I might suggest to him that the Haymaker Forest would have been a great place for the Mountaineer Center (the track and pool complex at Mylan Park). Then he could have walked over to swim every morning from his house.
Hundreds of spectators might have come to watch him swim in spite of the ordeal of having to navigate parking in a tiny car park, and dodging the traffic and fumes from several hundred other cars and buses.
And standing off to the side in a cordoned-off area with no hope of seeing this mighty swimming performance (or at least the sight of him in his Speedos) would be the “manipulated” citizens of Mon County.
If perhaps they look a bit glum, that’s because they have to pay a city tax without a vote, while the concrete of W.Va. 705 continues to fall apart before their eyes. Happy swimming, sir.