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Immigration policy can be win-win proposition

Linda Jacknowitz, Morgantown
I am the granddaughter of immigrants from Eastern Europe. They all became proud citizens of the United States and led productive lives here. I recognize how fortunate I am to be a native born American. However it is only because my grandparents were brave and the United States was willing to open her arms to them that I can make that claim.
I recently accompanied my husband on a business trip to Chicago. In just one 24-hour period, I was helped by: a taxi driver from Asia; a taxi driver from Africa; a Latin American hotel housekeeper; a manicurist from Mongolia; a wait person from the Ukraine and another from Spain; and a hotel shuttle driver from India.
I thanked each of them not only for assisting me but also for choosing to make my country theirs. Each one broke into a big smile and told me how much he or she loved America.
I am sure there were many, many other unseen immigrants, behind the scenes, who eased my way.
An effective, non-vindictive immigration policy would be a win-win proposition for immigrants seeking a better life for themselves and their families and for those of us who benefit regularly from the gifts they bring. Those gifts keep on giving.
One day those immigrants too may have native born grandchildren who gratefully say, “Thank you dear grandparents for your bravery and thank you America for opening your arms to my family.”