Envision your Quest: A la carte service allows you to choose your own park adventure

CAIRO — North Bend State Park will once again offer Quest, an à la carte outdoor adventure service.

Quest participants can customize activities that meet their leisure time interests while at North Bend. This new style is in its third season at West Virginia State Parks.

Each year, the selection of times grows. Family favorites include rock climbing and rappelling, backcountry camping, canoeing/kayaking, biking, backpacking, hiking, yoga, navigation, nature interpretation, and other adventure activities. Your experience can range from one activity to multiple choices.

See a menu of items, more information and pricing at north

bendsp.com. Also included in Quest is shuttle service along the North Bend Rail Trail.

Stay in a comfy lodge room, cabin or try camping at North Bend State Park. Book a single activity or take your Quest to another level and go into the back country overnight. It is your Quest — your choice, your memories.

Call today for information about Quest. Activities are designed at your comfort level and your schedule.

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The West Virginia State park system traces its origin to 1928, when Droop Mt. Battlefield was acquired. In 1933, legislation was passed that provided guidelines and rules that would govern state parks that legislation included a statement of purpose that mandated the park system “promote conservation and provide outdoor recreation opportunities to the citizens of the state and its visitors.”

Creators developed the Quest program while searching for a way to take guest service and the fulfillment of the parks’ mission statement to a higher level. The challenge became, “How do we give our guests exactly what they want and not force upon them things they do not want?”

Quest developed in an attempt to move in that direction. By allowing guests to select one or more services from an a la carte menu of 41 options, they can their own outdoor experiences. The list of services will evolve over time, in response to guest feedback and opportunities.

Menus provide guests with options in where to sleep, what to eat, and how to travel within the park. Instructors and guides will teach the basics of getting to where you want go, and share the wonders of nature the park has to offer along the way.

They will also offer their expertise in knowing what gear is important, what’s icing and what’s just extra weight.

Each Quest comes with a leader to:

— Help facilitate your experience

— Interoperate things you will witness in the natural environment

— Assist with skill development

— Share information about clothing, gear and equipment

Quest will allow you to safely develop outdoor recreation skills and explore nature. Whether you’re driven by the desire to try something new, developing a skill set as part of a larger journey, nature appreciation, education, exploration or checking things off a bucket list, North Bend State Park can provide a custom-made Quest.

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