Car club showcases classics cars at nursing home

MORGANTOWN – Residents of Mapleshire Nursing and Rehabilitation Center received a special blast from the past Friday.

Members of the Dream Machines Car Club showed off some of their classic cars and motorcycles, including vintage Chevrolet and Dodge trucks, several 1930s Chevrolet coupes and a number of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

“We love doing something at least once or twice a month for these residents, and what better way than to bring out something that they remember, the old cars and old bikes,” said Flossie Napier, the activities director for Mapleshire.

Mapleshire puts on a number of events throughout the year, similar to the car show, in order to entertain the residents.

Napier said the last time the cars from the Dream Machines Car Club made an appearance at Mapleshire was about three years ago.

Napier likened what they do to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Except, instead of granting kids’ wishes, Mapleshire does it for senior citizens.

“We get together with the Piloted Care group and we decide which (activity) they would like,” Napier said. “Then we’ll pick out a certain resident and focus on their wishes and their dreams.”

The entertainment ranges from the car show to summer parties, and even an Elvis impersonator.

“(The residents) love the entertainment,” Napier said. “Elvis and Cowboy Roger are some of their favorites.”

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