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What’s motivation for promoting Kavanaugh?

Richard Cohen, Morgantown
“Follow the money.” Suggested a character in the movie “All The President’s Men,” as a technique for discovering corruption.
Isn’t it curious that shadowy and secret organizations are spending tens of millions of dollars to influence voters and senators that conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed as a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States? What’s in it for them? What is worth millions of dollars?
It certainly isn’t limiting access to abortion, birth control or gay rights. Those are conservative issues but they do not generate big bucks and large contributions.
Could their motivation to spend big be the continuing campaign to obtain constitutional rights for wealthy corporations, or to limit protections provided by state and federal governments to workers?
Could it be to obtain a court that will allow destruction of the Affordable Care Act’s protection for those with pre-existing conditions? Could it be to eliminate Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security coverage?
Could the motivation to pay obscene amounts be an attempt to create a Supreme Court that will protect President Trump and thereby ensure that the dismantling of regulations that protect the ordinary person continues unabated? All of those protections stand in the way of big corporations obtaining huge amounts of profit while hurting workers and consumers.
Whatever the motivation of the “big cats” who are putting their finger on the scale in favor of Kavanaugh, one thing is clear: West Virginians will not benefit from an ultra-conservative Supreme Court majority that is prepared to ignore pre-existing law and protections for the “little guy.”