Man hospitalized after mini-excavator rollover

MORGANTOWN — One man was taken to the hospital after the mini-excavator he was using rolled down a hill.

Rylan Tampoya and her friend, Kristin Kimble, were at the Ashworth Landing Pool, off Green Bag Road, when she saw the vehicle roll down the hill and land on its top.

She said she saw a man get out of it, went closer to investigate and called 911 when she noticed he was bleeding from his head.

Resident Christi Barber was also at the pool. She said she heard a loud noise and thought it was just the machine when Tampoya told her it rolled over.

Barber said she waited to see if anyone would come out, and when no one did, she went closer to investigate. She called out and didn’t receive a response, but as she got closer, she saw the man free himself and noticed his face was red.

She said he had bad cuts across his face and seemed to be in minor shock for a few minutes. Barber said she waited with the man until EMS responded.

Chief Jimmy Lipscomb, with Brookhaven Volunteer Fire Department, said the man told rescue workers that he was working across a ledge when he got too close to the edge and rolled over.

Lipscomb said the man was conscious, alert and speaking and was able to get himself out of the vehicle.

The man was transported to J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital, Lipscomb said.

Brookhaven VFD, Mon Health EMS and the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department responded.

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