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Don’t let Rep. McKinley divide and scare us

Shane Assadzandi, Morgantown
This week, Congressman David McKinley posted two embarrassing survey questions to his Facebook page. “Are you glad Hillary Clinton isn’t our President?” and “Who would you prefer chooses the next Supreme Court Judge?” (Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton)
Is our Congressman aware that Hillary Clinton is not our president, and that the 2016 election was two years ago? These questions are irrelevant. McKinley is using misdirection to distract you from his policy positions and voting record. Smoke, mirrors, and the specter of a former presidential candidate.
In 2017, David McKinley voted for a series of bills that would have stripped health insurance away from over 180,000 working-class West Virginians. Those bills, if passed, would have also prevented people with pre-existing conditions from getting affordable health care. This would have been a death sentence for many of our friends, neighbors and family members.
Near the end of the year, McKinley voted for a bill that provided tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans and corporations by adding a whopping $1.5 trillion to the national deficit. So much for being a fiscal conservative.
Finally, just two months ago, McKinley voted for a farm bill that would have slashed food programs, made it far more likely for our state’s poorest children to go hungry and also put an undue burden on small businesses and food stores in rural areas.
That bill failed because 30 Republicans joined every Democrat in voting against it — a rare bipartisan moment that can only be brought to you by truly terrible legislation.
Don’t let David McKinley divide and conquer us. When he tries to scare you with the boogeyman, remember that the real monster isn’t in your closet. He’s sitting in an office on Capitol Hill.