Police investigate reported fight at Big Bear Lake

KINGWOOD — Preston deputies are investigating a fight that sent one man to the hospital after his head was beaten with a rock.

Cpl. W.T. McNair and some other officers were working extra-duty contracts at Big Bear Lake in northern Preston County June 30 when a fight was reported about midnight.

McNair said the victim, Marcus Fleming, 42, of Fairmont, was taken by ambulance to the welcome center on Interstate 68, where he was transferred to a medical helicopter.

“His skull was visibly caved in,” the deputy said. But, “his family said he’s going to be fine, he just needs a couple more surgeries.”

He has not been able to interview Fleming since the incident, he said Friday.

Police were told that Fleming saw an ex-girlfriend leave a tent where two other men were, and he went inside and started a fight. The tent was pitched on Fleming’s lot.

When Fleming left the tent, one man put him into a head lock while another hit him with a rock, McNair said they were told.

Witnesses reported hearing the man, who was wielding the rock saying, “I was just protecting my son.” Fleming is a registered sex offender, McNair said, and at an earlier time someone not believed to have been involved in the fight put up posters at the campground, making that known.

Those involved are from the Fairmont and Morgantown areas. Police would like to speak with anyone who has knowledge of the incident.

Call the Preston Sheriff’s Office at 304-329-1611 with info.

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