Talk radio has created chaos, discord in nation

Steve Kopa, Weirton

Talk radio and cable TV — a noble cause that has turned into a headache.

How did the opportunity to disseminate a conservative viewpoint turn into Rush Limbaugh’s and Sean Hannity’s opinions ridiculing everything from the Bible to the Constitution?

The once noble cause now known as talk radio mushroomed into 3,000 stations giving it 24/7 coverage. Anytime there is 24/7 coverage with too many voices, ideas, morals and values start to get confused and create heated, spiteful debate.

True debate exists when sitting with a table of peers. A narrator brings the parties to order and one by one answering a given question nixing opinion. Facts and truth must be paramount.

The biggest offenders of freedom of speech are those who have been entrusted to defend it.

Talk radio has created chaos in America, which wasn’t intended in the beginning. It became a strong point in later years resulting in opinionators, comedians and now confirmed Fox News entertainers saying anything for sensationalism.

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