Weather to cool off this weekend

MORGANTOWN — That’s one way to break a heat wave.

The stifling, 90-degree temperatures that had a sweaty stranglehold over the region are now washed away, AccuWeather said.

At least for now.

But that doesn’t mean we’re out of the weather woods yet, meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski cautioned.

That slow-moving band of thunderstorms that showed the mercury who’s boss also put Morgantown and surrounding climes under a flash flood watch through midnight today.

“So you’ll want to watch the water in low-lying areas,” she said.

The rain will linger this morning, she said, followed by a run of sunny skies and a high of 81.

Then, the marquee weather moves in, the meteorologist said.

Look for highs of 79 and 83 on Saturday and Sunday, with high quotients of sunshine and low offering of humidity.

“It’s gonna be gorgeous,” she said.

Lows will be in the 50s all three nights, which might even call for — gasp! — a light jacket, if you’re out.

“It’ll be a marked difference from just a few days ago,” Pydynowski said.

And it’s always good to have plenty of sunscreen, she said, even on the days when the big yellow star doesn’t seem as nasty.

“Those rays are still pretty strong,” Pydynowski cautioned.

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