Suspect connected to ATV theft ring arrested in Tennessee

KINGWOOD — A man wanted in Preston County in connection with an ATV theft ring has been arrested in Tennessee.

According to the Preston County Sheriff’s office on Friday, Willard Thomas III is in custody in Chattanooga.

Police are still seeking Steven Keith Waybright, a white male, 24, who is 6-foot-2- and weighs 220 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Waybright is wanted on felony charges of fleeing with reckless indifference, destruction of property, receiving or transferring stolen goods and conspiracy.

Earlier this week police arrested Justin James Blosser and David Edward Leon Waybright. They were charged with being part of a group that stole ATVs throughout the area. Thomas and Steven Waybright are listed in court records as also being involved with the thefts.

Anyone with information about Steven Waybright’s whereabouts should call deputies at 304-329-1611.

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