Separating children from migrant parents as a bargaining chip cruel and un-American

This is no case of putting out fire with gasoline.

Indeed, the Trump administration’s separation policy looks more like pouring fuel onto ashes.

Separating immigrant children from their parents is inhumane and should end immediately.

Americans should be outraged at what we are doing to these people who have nothing except for their families.

Though some categorize them as criminals, the vast majority of these dirt poor people are only trying to better their lives, if not altogether save them.

We are not cold, heartless people who would shamefully support any immigration policy, or other kinds, that would use children as a bargaining chip.

But that’s what our chief deal-maker is doing, in an effort to force Congress into accepting his immigration policies — a border wall and further restricting entry into the U.S.

Until May, these immigrant adults were usually charged with civil violations — not criminal charges — which allowed them to be detained with their children while their cases were handled by courts.

This administration claims this separation policy is not intended to deter undocumented immigrants and is not even its policy. But there are numerous instances recently when the Trump administration’s top officials said it was their policy and it was meant to deter undocumented immigrants.

It’s even more ridiculous to hear this administration blame Democrats for this policy, when Republicans control all branches of the government.

As a result, they own the blame or the “credit” for the immigration policies this administration is enforcing.

They further own it if they don’t declare their opposition to this policy or advocate for a better solution.

We are not intent on making this a partisan issue. The goal of providing the most compassionate care possible to children is still a nonpartisan one. Right?

So, how can anyone who espouses family values support criminally charging parents for crossing our border to justify forcibly separating them from their children?

Let’s be clear, we agree with the need to control unlawful immigration and border crime.

But caging children in separate facilities from their jailed parents is not a solution. It will do nothing to stop cross-border drug- and human trafficking.

If anything this only puts these children at a higher risk of being mistreated. Not to mention in jeopardy of a host of inner-self woes, including psychological distress.

Why doesn’t Congress come up with a better solution? Or do its members fear the president’s vindictive tweets? Using the separation of children and parents as a leverage point is cruel. These children cry just like yours.

Make no mistake, this cruelty is not just some collateral side effect of this administration’s immigration policy.

It’s a deliberate goal of it and this president’s.

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