Livestock report 6/17/18

Grantsville Stockyards Grantsville, Md.

Report for June 9

STOCK STEERS & BULLS:  (200-500 lbs.) up to $150

STOCK HEIFERS:  (200 to 500 lbs.) up to $130

SLAUGHTER STEERS: Not available.

HOLSTEIN STEERS: Not available.

LAUGHTER HEIFERS: Not available.

BULLS: Heavy, up to $86; light, up to $94

COWS: Utility, up to $66.50; canners, $43-60; culls, $40-down

BOB CALVES: $40-down

HOLSTEIN CALVES (return to farm): Bull, (90-120 lbs.) up to $65; heifer, Not Available


HOGS: Top quality, up to $53; heavy, up to $50; light, up to $46 feeder pigs: By head, up to $55

SOWS: Up to $33.50.

MALE HOGS: Not available.

LAMBS: (70-85 lbs.) Up to $185; (85-125 lbs.) up to $191; (30-60 lbs.) up to $220

SHEEP: Up to $85

GOATS: By head, large, $150-285; medium, $50-125; small, $10-60; kids, up to $100.

Friend’s Stockyard Accident, Md.

Report for June 11

Prices per hundred-weight

STOCK STEERS & BULLS:  (500-850 lbs.) Not Available

STOCK HEIFERS: Not Available

SLAUGHTER STEERS: Good to choice, up to $116; medium to good, up to $105.

SLAUGHTER HEIFERS: Good to choice, $114.25; medium to good, up to $100

HOLSTEIN STEERS: Good to choice, up to $80.25.

BULLS:  Heavy, up to $100.25.

COWS:  Utility, $52-62.75; commercial to good, $45-51; culls, $44-down

VEALS:  Good to choice, up to $113; medium to good, up to $75; bob calves, $50-down

HOLSTEIN CALVES  (return to farm, 85-120 lbs):  Bull, up to $110; heifer, up to $80.

BEEF CROSS CALVES: up to $115.

HOGS: Not available.

SOWS: Not available.

LAMBS: Not available.

GOATS: Not available.

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