Republic’s lack of service calls for complaints to PSC

Dale Riggs, Morgantown

As I set here at my desk this Thursday evening, looking at garbage cans that were to be picked up Monday June 4, I felt compelled to write this note.

After the lack of pickup on June 4, several neighbors tried to get through to Republic’s Services’ customer service number. One got through after waiting 45 minutes on the phone and was assured that problem would be corrected and the garbage would be picked up Tuesday or, at the latest, first thing Wednesday morning.

Looking at the end of my driveway, that didn’t happen. If this was a rare event, I would let it go and not say anything, but it is far too common with this company.

I am not a complaining person by nature, but this continued lack of service needs to be addressed promptly. All of us that this is happening to need to start getting in contact with the state Public Service Commission and our local officials.

Calling Republic does nothing but to raise your blood pressure. Don’t wait and let a neighbor down the street take care of it, neighborhoods need to be heard from, and our elected officials need to listen.

I think all of us that had Suburban Sanitation in the past now know what a superior service they provided. There were times in bad weather that they made pickups, when I wouldn’t have ventured out in my truck. To those folks, I offer a belated thank you for a job well done. To Republic, you have a long way to go to even to step into their shadow.

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