Golfer has family links to former Trinity Christian standout

MORGANTOWN — If you ask anyone who has been involved with Trinity Christian golf in the last decade, they’ll probably recognize the name Tyler Seitz.

A decorated golfer, Seitz forged quite the legacy at Trinity. In 2011, he was named a varsity captain and first-team all-state selection for his play on the course, and he helped the Warriors earn the 2009 Class A state championship.

However, it appears that the biggest impact he made was on his younger sister.

Sarah Seitz was introduced to golf at a young age; her parents would take her to golf camps at The Pines Country Club, and she rode in golf carts while watching Tyler play his matches. She credits those early days as playing a large factor in developing her love for the sport.

As she began to play, she came to view her brother as a role model in the sport, someone she could attempt to emulate and learn from.

“My brother is currently such a great inspiration and mentor, and he teaches me many aspects of the game,” she said. “He takes me to the driving range and golf course to work on new technique and show me weaknesses that I can improve upon.”

Seitz added that if it weren’t for her brother, she doesn’t know if she’d even be involved in the sport today.

“I wouldn’t enjoy golfing as much as I do now if it weren’t for being able to share this interest with him,” she said.

On the course, Seitz has been developing into her own player — one very valuable to the Warriors. Two of Trinity’s top four players from last year’s squad transferred, opening critical gaps in the lineup that need to be filled. According to Trinity coach Mike Baldy, Seitz is expected to fill one of them.

“Last year, she was on the fringe of the top six. She was a wild card,” he said. “She would come in with very good scores at times, but at others, she struggled. This year, she is much more experienced; I think her scores will show the most improvement on the team.”

According to Seitz, the success of her family and expectations of those around her do add pressure, but it’s ultimately just another motivator that fuels her growth as a player.

“It gives me the determination to become better,” she said. “I wouldn’t love the sport the way I do if my family didn’t love it and introduce me to it first. Their success enabled them to share the sport with me and instruct me with their knowledge.”

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