Kingwood streets to be paved over summer

KINGWOOD — Three Kingwood streets will be paved this summer with funds from the city’s special levy.

At its most recent meeting, city council accepted a bid from Stone Paving, of Reedsville, for $50,583. Also bidding was Parrotta Paving, of Morgantown. Parrotta bid $59,544.

Joy, Marshall and Schaeffer streets will be paved.

Stone is working on the streetscape and paving project in downtown Kingwood, which is being paid for by a combination of federal, state and city funds.

Kingwood City Supervisor Bruce Pyles said that the owner of Stone Paving told him the company will do the city contract as soon as it finishes on W.Va. Route 7.

That should be the “last week of June, first part of July,” Pyles said.

Only one councilman, Joe Seese, voted against hiring Stone. Councilmembers Josh Fields, Mike Lipscomb, Dick Shaffer and Michelle Whetsell voted to hire Stone.

Kingwood voters renewed the levy for another five years in 2017. Kingwood has had a special levy for more than 30 years.

Under the current levy, $85,000 per year goes to the Kingwood Public Library, $40,000 per year to Kingwood Parks and Recreation, and $45,000 per year to storm sewers and street paving. Any monies in excess of those amounts collected are divided among the categories.

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