City of Morgantown paving projects to begin early to mid June

MORGANTOWN — Morgantown City Engineer Damien Davis said milling and work on ADA-compliant curb ramps will likely begin in early to mid-June, with roughly six miles of paving work to follow.

The city opened bids Friday for its 2018 paving project, which is funded through the $3 weekly user fee paid by everyone who works inside the city.

Greer Limestone was the lone bidder to provide materials while Anderson Excavating and Parrotta Paving bid on the work.

Davis said Parrotta’s bid came in about $70,000, around $875,000, and the overall project — work and materials — came in at $1,436,000, below the $1.8 million budgeted for the project.

Both companies were awarded a paving contract last summer as the city split 12 miles worth of work into two sections.

“We’ll have a little bit of money left where we could potentially add a street or two. We might do that, but we won’t lose that money. It just rolls over to next year,” Davis said. “I’ll discuss with the city manager whether we add more streets or just do a bigger project next year.”

During Thursday’s informational session with the West Virginia Division of Highways, Davis said the city is focusing on streets that are heavily used to bypass traffic on major routes, which could potentially compound delays in light of a flurry of DOH road bond projects coming to the Morgantown area.

Davis said that after comparing the city’s paving map with what the DOH has planned, patience will be needed this summer.

“Looking at his maps and our maps, all the cut-through traffic, at the routes that would be a bypass for this traffic, it looks like we’re going to be working on,” he said. “So those are all going to have pretty big impacts to traffic.”

The biggest impact to traffic will be on University Avenue, which will be paved from Patteson Drive to the recently rebuilt intersection of University, Third Street and Beverly Avenue.

The 2018 paving list approved by Morgantown City Council on April 17 includes:

  • Arch Street — Overdale to Kingwood.
  • Campus Drive — Beechurst to University.
  • Chestnut Street — Pleasant to Foundry.
  • Dug Hill Road — City limits to Listravia.
  • East Parkway — Hite to Mississippi.
  • Forest Avenue — End to Dallas.
  • Grand Street — Cobun to Wilson; Ross to Grandview.
  • Killarney Drive — Van Voorhis to Collins Ferry.
  • Laurel Street — Patteson to University.
  • Richwood Avenue — Charles to Willey.
  • Ross Street — Dorsey to Grand.
  • University Avenue — Grand Central Station to Patteson; Campus to Overhill.
  • West Virginia Avenue — Dead end to Leonard
  • Willowdale Road — McCullough to Stewart
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