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Greene bowls perfect game at Suburban Lanes

MORGANTOWN — There aren’t many things in life that are perfect and even less so in sports. However, one Morgantown resident, Amanda Greene, has more than her fair share of perfect moments on the bowling lanes.
The 27-year-old Romney native recently rolled a flawless game and etched her name among the area’s elite as only the second female to do so in the 57-year history of Suburban Lanes. But if you ask her, it was almost business as usual.
“I’ve bowled several before, but I still get nervous,” she said. “Once you get eight or nine strikes in a row and you have that one frame left, I was probably shaking a little bit. But you just half to calm yourself down a little and really focus.”
On the surface, Greene, who is a member of the Scratch Classic League at Suburban Lanes, appears to be someone who just enjoys bowling, but once you dig deeper, you’ll find that bowling runs in her veins.
“My dad has owned a bowling alley my entire life so it was how I was raised,” she said. “I bowled all through grade school, through college, and eventually as a professional.
Greene went to St. Louis on a college scholarship for bowling and was on tour the past few years with the Professional Women’s Bowling Association full time and not to mention a 2015 national title.
Greene admits that her journey to the professional bowling ranks wasn’t something she planned but was more of a feeling she had inside.
“Bowling is something I’ve always done. It’s always been a part of my life and always will be,” she said. “Everything was always the next step. Go to college and bowl, then go on tour against the best. I wanted to bowl and continually get better, so I just kept with it.”
Greene has become one of the premiere performers in the Morgantown league that features bowlers from West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland, and manager Justin Malik said that she is something see.
“I think she enjoys showing up the men,” he said, jovially. “I think with her experience and background it can certainly be intimidating. You’re going against someone who has been on tour and won a national title. There’s no one else here who can say that.”
For now, Greene only displays her talent for the locals and has temporarily retired from the professional level to focus on her education at WVU College of Law.
When asked if she had any advice for amateur bowlers out there, she had one simple reply.
“Come see me.”
You can catch Greene during league play Thursday evenings, at Suburban Lanes.