Trinity 2nd graders participate in Hobbies and Collections Day

By Tiffany Morgan, The Dominion Post

MORGANTOWN — “They’re very cool — you open the packages and you never know what you’re going to get,” 8-year-old Mason Melohn said, as he presented his hobby of collecting basketball cards.

Melohn also plays point guard on his basketball  his team. Melohn rattled off facts during his presentation about collecting cards, like how the first basketball trading cards were produced in 1910 or how the most expensive baseball card is valued at $90,000.

Melohn said he picked up his interest of collecting cards from a friend and has loved collecting basketball cards ever since.

Melohn and the other second-grade students had the opportunity to share their hobbies during the “Hobbies and Collection Day,” at Trinity Christian School Monday. It was hosted by teacher Rochelle Workman.

Workman said the day was a chance for kids to showcase a piece of who they are with their personality intertwined to the hobby or collection they may be passionate about.

“You get to see their creativity and their personality really shine — they really enjoy it,” Workman said.

Students displayed their passion on a trifold poster board, with photos and descriptions of what they enjoy about their hobby or collection; in addition to other items such as awards or certificates they received doing their hobby, if applicable. The students presented their hobby or collection to teachers, other students and parents during.

Each student had different interests, from learning the language and culture of China to collecting seashells from four different beaches. Workman said during each presentation, students have guidelines to follow that include details on their hobby or collection, with a series of seven questions they must answer when talking about their hobby and/or collection. The last question being,

“Why is your hobby or collection important to you?”

For Allie Ayers, who started dancing at age 3, her hobby is important  because whether it is tap or ballet, she gets to practice and learn new dance moves.

“I get to learn new things — it’s so much fun,” Ayers said.

Henley Stiles is passionate about playing multiple sports as well as collecting trading cards from those sports, including baseball. Stiles said his favorite card was of Ozzie Smith, a Major League

Baseball player who played  shortstop for the San Diego Padres and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Stiles said  Ozzie Smith’s card was his favorite because of his skill as a baseball player, and Stiles liked that Smith did backflips into his position on the field.

“He was the best shortstop that ever lived in my opinion,” Stiles said.

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