How do we make paint?

By Vaageesha Das

Do you remember Bob Ross? Some people say that he started ASMR (a sound induced sensation which causes tingling on the skin), others call him the greatest human being to ever live on Earth.

We all know he’s a great painter though. When I was watching one of his videos, I thought to myself, “How is paint made?” It’s a liquid that dries up but how does that happen?

Pigment, resin, solvent and additives are the four ingredients in paint. Pigments provide the color of the paint. The word “pigment” comes from Latin and it means paint. The resin is like a glue for the paint and it holds the paint together. The solvent is usually water and it “carries” the pigment and the resin. Additives are used to enhance the paint.

Paint must have the perfect amount of each of those four things to work properly.

Waterborne paints have trillions of resins in them (size of them is 1/100 diameter of human hair) and as the water in them evaporates, the resins and pigments get close together until they touch each other and fuse. This is then what we call paint film.

As you can see, paint is made in a very simple way.

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