Mon County BOE discusses next year’s proposed budget

MORGANTOWN — Next year’s proposed operating budget for Monongalia County Schools comes in at $127 million.

Make that, $127,795,742, to be exact.

That’s a big number that prompted a big question during Tuesday night’s meeting of the county Board of Education (BOE) after the document was presented.

It came from longtime board member Nancy Walker, and it was directed to Nicole Kemper, the chief financial officer for the district who put the budget together.

“So, you feel comfortable with it and you’ll be able to sleep at night?”


“Good. Because that means I’ll be able to sleep at night.”

Other line items include a projected $72 million for instruction, Kemper said.

Add another $15 million for facility maintenance, the officer added.

The document will be posted for review, and a public hearing will also be scheduled, she said.

The BOE will cast its vote for or against during its May 29 meeting.

After that, the document goes to the state board in Charleston for final approval.

Among its line items is a $71.8 million allocation for instructional services, Kemper said.

More than $15 million has been set aside for operation and maintenance of school facilities, with another $10 million for transportation.

The county’s current operating budget is $121 million.

This year’s hike, Kemper is in part due to a pay raise offered to teachers and other school personnel after a statewide work stoppage earlier this year.

In other business, the school approved the use of the Mountaineer Middle School parking lot as a launching point for Morgantown’s July 4th fireworks display.

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