Candidates fill vacancies on ballot

W. Va. — Two new candidates have joined the fray for the November general election, filling vacancies on the ballot.

Aaron Metz, a Republican from Morgantown, filed with the secretary of state’s office to run in the 51st District House of Delegates race. Five delegates are elected from the district, and only four Republicans ran in the primary: Cindy Frich, Roger Shuttlesworth, Joe Statler and Debbie Warner.

They and Metz will face Democrats Barbara Evans Fleishauer, Evan Hansen, Danielle Walker, John Williams and Rodney Pyles.

Gary Knotts, a Democrat from Kingwood, filed to run against Republican incumbent Terri Sypolt in the 52nd District House of Delegates race. There was no Democrat on the ballot in the primary.

Sypolt defeated fellow Republican Justin Hough in the primary.

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