Reedsville searches for volunteer artist to paint mural

REEDSVILLE —  The Town of Reedsville is looking for a volunteer artist to paint a mural on a large stone in the town park.

At the Monday evening meeting, council members voted to make this and several other additions to the park. One of the projects is a rock-climbing wall.

“It could be about 6-foot-tall with tire mulch under it,” Councilwoman Britney Titus said.

Council also voted to add a T-ball pole and a spider web swing. Titus said the swing would hold about 600 pounds and would be low to the ground.  She said a musical toy made from PVC pipe would replace a toy that was broken last year, adding that sounds would be made by striking the different-sized pipes with paddles.

Other additions to the park will include a hopscotch area, a tic-tac-toe board and an expansion of the basketball court. Work has started on the park bathroom, Titus said.

In other business, council:

voted to paint town hall.

  • approved first reading of an ordinance availing Reedsville of the provision of Article 20 of Chapter 8 of the West Virginia Code, which “allows the sewer service to accept grants and loans.” The
  • loans are to be paid back by the sewer system only, according to the proposed ordinance.
  • voted to have town attorney Mark E. Gaydos write an ordinance for the elimination of dilapidated buildings within the town limits.
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