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What if rest of world goes it alone without us?

Steve Kopa, Weirton
Before the nice-nice started coming from Kim Jong Un, he had taken a train ride over to China. Did China’s Xi Jin Ping hypnotize Kim Jong Un or feed him a bunch of smart pills?
He returns preaching a format for one Korea. Finally, even a peace treaty between North and South.
Kim and Moon Jae-In shake hands at the 38th parallel, and in due time Taiwan joins in China’s grand plan of Asians for Asians nationalism — let’s make Asia great again.
So where is the United States? China controls the South China Sea, Russia controls the Middle East.
Some cry out “nationalism” as a result of every country for itself. Recognition the theme.

If it’s not a free trade, multicultural world, it will become a black and blue world with scars of war in every nation.
Under Trump, America is setting itself up for disaster. For instance, the Iran deal was signed by the United States Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany. If the other five countries continue to honor the Iran deal, then what?
America has no dealings with Iran. To enact sanctions to punish Iran, we would have to impose sanctions on the countries doing business with Iran.
That’s not going to happen and if Trump would try to commit such actions it’s the world against America.
How many battles can our brave soldiers keep fighting?