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Family to auction off car dealership

By Tiffany Morgan, The Dominion Post

POINT MARION, Pa. — It started with Jules Quertinmont.

Jules founded Point Marion Ford — a dealership in Point Marion, Pa. — in 1948. He was the backbone of the dealership for 22 years, until passing off the responsibility in 1970 to his son, also Jules, but known as Buddy.

Buddy ran the dealership for 42 years until he retired, in 2012. Although he retired, he stayed in the car business.

Lori Quertinmont-Martin, Buddy’s daughter, said, “He didn’t understand the true meaning of retirement,”   remaining a main contact for several people who sold and traded cars after he officially retired.

Buddy died Dec. 3, 2017, at age 77, and shortly after, both of Buddy’s adult children — Lori and Buddy J. — decided it would be best to auction the dealership, along with everything  in it.

Lori, Buddy J. and their mom, Brenda Quertinmont, all worked at the dealership over the years.

“There’s certainly memories of our father attached to these vehicles and the vintage collectibles, and it feels like stepping into a time capsule, considering there’s over 70 years’ worth of items — some dating back to the days of when our grandfather started the dealership,” she said.

Lori said her father was an “avid car collector,” but when making the decision to auction the property and memorabilia, it was not difficult due to the “extensive amount” of belongings.

“He had an amazing appreciation for the classics and throughout his life, he purchased, as well as sold, many different makes and models, and although we’re retaining some of his collection, it’s much too extensive for our family to consider retaining all of it,” Lori said. “My brother and I really don’t share that passion or the hobby of collecting, so it’s only fitting that we allow that those who do share that passion to be able to share these things.”

Buddy J. is keeping what he calls the “flagship vehicle” of Point Marion Ford, a 1947 Ford. Although many memories are held close to Buddy J., he said it’s “time to move on and change owners.”

Buddy J. added that although bittersweet, the “small-town community function, along with an auction” is what is needed.

“It’s definitely bittersweet, but I’ve learned these last few years never say never, things change, you’ve got to move forward,” he said. “It’s bittersweet, but in a good way.”

In preparation for the auction, Lori said  that while sorting through the items in her father’s dealership, the memories come.

“We’ll find an old vintage clock that I remember being in my dad’s office,” Lori said.

She reminisces through the items and transforms them into recollections as she also reminds herself that her dad is probably watching down on her, laughing.

“I think he’s secretly laughing at what he’s left us to deal with,” she said.

For Buddy’s children, it has been an extensive task to sort through everything, which is why they decided to auction off each item.

“It’s so extensive that we possibly couldn’t keep all of it,” Lori said.

Travis Williamson, director of digital marketing for Joe R. Pyle Auction & Realty Service, said  the auction will take place  at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.

Although the items will be auctioned off Saturday morning, Lori reminds herself  they’re just  items.

“There are emotional ties just because there’s memories of him attached to everything, but it’s just stuff,” Lori said.

Buddy J. thanked anyone who “helped support with the recent passing of our father,” along with Joe Pyle and his staff, who have “been real tactful,” and a final thank you to the friends, customers and family of Point Marion Ford for the “memories and service.”

Each part of the property will be auctioned separately, with a total of 3.5 acres. In addition to the property, there will be memorabilia, antique cars, parts inventory, specialty equipment and 20 or 30 newer cars to be sold at the auction.

Williamson said those interested in bidding can either attend the auction Saturday or bid online, at joerpyleauctions.com, so, “Everyone will have a chance to be a part of it.”

Point Marion Ford will be auctioned by Joe R. Pyle Auction & Realty Service, at 9:30 a.m. Saturday May 12