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A country without patriots cannot exist

Jim Hinebaugh, Maysville
The older I get, the more I have begun to realize that freedom and welfare have much in common. Both are given for free in America; both are now taken for granted and expected to be there no matter what. Also, the value and cost of both are no longer appreciated as they have been freely available to generations. Unless you wish to volunteer you will never have to do anything to protect or earn either.
This “freeness” and our radical education system are providing young indoctrinated radicals that behave like spoiled kids who, when losing a game, fling the board and the pieces aside to wreck it for everyone else. The modern educational system is fostering generations of Americans without knowledge of our country’s history, citizen sacrifice, Constitution and Christian foundation. Many college students protest against the constitutional rights of others even though they demand theirs. Think about what they’re modeling for our young. It’s cool to hate your country and display that contempt in public.
It is disturbing to see Americans allowing radicals to achieve their evil goals. We have allowed our local, state and federal representatives to lower academic and behavioral standards in our public schools and to strip godly traditional principles and values from our American culture.
As we see the utter lack of civility and appreciation for those who sacrificed so much to preserve our freedoms in the public square — especially from our elected representatives — we must remember that many of the students of today are tomorrow’s government leaders, and a country without patriots cannot exist.