Teachers pitch math textbooks for next term during Mon BOE meeting

MORGANTOWN — If you think math is just about numbers and logic, think again.

It’s also about logistics and delivery systems.

At least it was during Tuesday night’s meeting of the Monongalia County Board of Education (BOE).

Math teachers and coordinators from across the county came out to the meeting to make the final pitch for the textbooks they want to use in their classes next term, which is an annual spring rite for both the board and the district.

Wendy Trump, who teaches math at Morgantown High School, was on the committee that decided the “Big Ideas” Integrated Math Series —  which BOE members approved — would be the most beneficial for her school, and for University High and Clay-Battelle High, on opposite ends of the county.

She liked the way the materials were presented, she said.

“It’s not ‘over-information,’ ” she told the board. “I know we’re math nerds, but we were really taken by it.”

There’s no overload in lugging the big textbook around either, she said.

While the hard copies will stay in the classroom, students will have access to digital copies on their laptops and other devices.

There’s also something else, said Kelly Ann Allen, who helps makes technology integration-based learning at University High: An online tutor.

That service, she said, is available to students between 4 p.m.-midnight most days.

“Do you really think students will use the tutors?” Superintendent Frank Devono asked.

“I hope so,” Allen answered, “when they find out about them.”

In other business, Devono reported on the work of a committee of another kind.

The local group of people appointed to help facilitate the search for his replacement — he’s retiring in June — held its first meeting last week.

The board still hopes to hire a replacement by June 1.