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Gravel and damaged roads to be paved in Star City

MORGANTOWN — Star City Council voted this week to have two gravel roads paved and discussed plans to patch damaged roads.

Council approved a contract for Parrotta Paving to pave portions of North Main Street and Broadway Avenue for an undisclosed amount.

Paving on these roads do not have a start date, but it is expected to begin before May 7.

Council also discussed when to begin patching damaged roads. Public Works director Phillip Davis said his crews will likely begin sometime this week.

“Patching holes is definitely going to start this week, weather-permitting,” Davis said, “which looks like Thursday is going to be good for us.”
Crews will start from Mansfield Avenue and move down toward the residential neighborhood as patching progresses.

Davis added that the second and third blocks on Springdale Avenue and the first block on Congress Avenue will undergo resurfacing this spring.

Roads were much of the discussion Tuesday night. Council acknowledged the poor conditions some roads in the city were in and is looking at how to get them fixed at a faster pace.

“It’s a shame what our streets are,” Councilor Emma Luzader said. “We’ve got to find a way to fix them.”
Council stopped short of voting to move forward on a municipal service fee, which would tax people who work in Star City to generate revenue for road construction.