How are clothes made?

How are clothes made?

Everyone wears clothes, hopefully.

Clothes help us show those around us what kind of person we are. Our clothes help other people draw judgments about us, for better or worse.

In the past, clothes were made from animal skin but, nowadays, we don’t really use that. Most of the clothes today are made from cotton. Mature cotton is harvested and placed in a machine that blows the balls from the cotton away and only leaves behind the fibers of the cotton. Placing it in a cotton gin removes the seeds. Back in the olden days, a spinning wheel was used with a foot pedal. The cotton was spun on this spinning wheel.

In the present, cotton is spun using electrical machines. The cotton must be carded before it can be placed on a loom. After it is placed on the loom, threads are used. Someone must be present because the electrical machines that are used need someone to be there so they can keep functioning. The cotton yarn is weaved into fabric, which in turn makes our clothes.

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