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Cuts to public education by lawmakers unacceptable

Jane Menear, Arthurdale

So Hoppy Kercheval finds the results of the State Report Card for reading and math “unacceptable.”
Wonder where he and his Republican friends in the Legislature will recommend budget cuts come from next year for the school system.

If we want schoolchildren to be A students, then we need to put in the effort and money to do it.

Finland is credited with having the best schools in the world. Want to know how it did it? Some years ago, their schools were not doing well, so they came to the United States and looked at the research done here that showed proven results, went home and implemented those ideas. Outcome? Success.

We do none of that. We grouse that our schools are too costly and start cutting. We know smaller class size works, but that means we have to have too many teachers, and we can’t afford that.
So consolidate those schools to minimize the number of teachers, make kids get on the bus at 6:30 a.m., and save those precious dollars. Who cares about the academic outcomes?
We just need to spend less to ensure the wealthy get to keep more of their money.

I’ll tell you what’s unacceptable: That the Republicans in the Legislature demand cuts and then send Hoppy Kercheval out to deride children for the failures that would be more correctly assigned to our elected “representatives.”