Granville Town Council to create websites for fire and police departments

GRANVILLE — Granville Town Council accepted three proposals to create websites for the fire department, police department and town at Tuesday’s meeting.

The absence of a town website raised some concerns amongst council members.

“We get calls every day wanting to know about our website, and we have no online presence,” said Granville Police Chief, Craig Corkrean.

The town’s previous website was hacked a few years ago.

“We haven’t had a website since we were attacked by anonymous,” said Granville Mayor Patricia Lewis.

Three members of Mountaineer Technology Consultants were present at the council meeting and offered to create a website for the town of Granville.

The website would showcase the town and provide information on events going on in Granville.

“You’re engaging the people that you serve,” said Mountaineer Technology Consultants Majority Owner Booker Walton III. “It’s another way to get your information out there.”

Walton also assured council that they own whatever content is created for the website.

The cost for the three websites is $19,000.

Council also addressed two options on the bid for the new Veterans Memorial. The first option would include one granite and one bronze statue to flank the sides of the memorial at a cost of

$69,950. The second option would exclude the statues for a total cost of $44,950.

Council ultimately decided to look over the bids and decide their course of action at a later time.

In other news:

  • The Verizon cameras are up and running at the University Town Centre.
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