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Rowlesburg man charged with falsely reporting an emergency

KINGWOOD — A Rowlesburg man is in jail after police allege he called Preston 911 repeatedly and told them he had killed everyone in the home.
Nathan Aaron Likens, 29, was in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail Monday in lieu of $5,000 bond, charged with falsely reporting an emergency.
According to a criminal complaint by Preston Sheriff’s Cpl. J.B. Childers: At 3:09 a.m. Monday, a hang up call was received from the Fill Hollow Road home. When 911 called back, voicemail answered. At 3:23 a.m., a man called and said he had killed everyone there and was off his medication.
Several more calls were exchanged with 911, some initiated by Likens and some call-backs. He repeated that everyone was dead, said he was psychotic, said he didn’t have a name and asked 911 to quit harassing him.
When deputies arrived, Likens agreed to walk outside with his hands raised. He threw the phone at police and laid on the ground. Deputies found a woman hiding in a closet inside but no bodies. A neighbor told them Likens had drunk homemade wine and mentioned suicide by cop.