How is a pencil made?

To make a pencil, we would need to use a specific type of wood that needs to be soft enough so that we can shape it, but strong enough so that it doesn’t break under the writer’s grip.

Cedar wood is usually used.

Pencil stock is cut into pencil blocks. These are longer than an ordinary pencil, which will become useful later. The pencil block is then cut into thinner slats. Grooves are cut in the slats for the lead and glue is put in those grooves.

Lead is placed in the groove in half of the slats and the other half is placed over the lead. This way, the lead is sandwiched between the slats.

A lot of pressure is applied on the slats for one hour so  the glue dries. A machine shapes the slats into a hexagon by first using its top cutter to create three sides and then its bottom cutter does the same.

The pencils are separated and then painted using a machine called a lacquering head.

The rubber tip is added by squeezing the top of the pencil and adding the aluminum ferrule and then the eraser.

Next time you pick up your pencil, think about the long process it took to get it in your hands.

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