Kingwood trailer park asked to clean up litter

KINGWOOD – A local trailer park was asked to clean up around the trailers, county Litter Control Officer Jay Sowers. Sowers told Preston County Solid Waste Authority (PCSWA) members.
Sowers said he contacted Prosecuting Attorney Melvin Snyder about clean up of half torn down trailers. Kingwood Council sought Sowers’ help with cleaning up the Rodeheaver Trailer Court, which is half in the city and half out.
Sowers also told committee members he is writing a citation a day. He said, however, a number of people are not paying their citations. He added that there is little recourse because they do not have a driver’s license that can be taken away for failure to pay citations.
Sowers said he is also giving citations to people who drive by and throw cans or trash at workers cleaning up along the roads.

Kingwood Councilman Michael Lipscomb told authority members the city requires PET plastic and HDPE plastic to be separated for recycling. Lipscomb said shiny paper found in advertisements and magazines is also not currently accepted.

HDPE (No. 2) plastic is used in snack food packages, milk and in containers like shampoo, detergent and bleach. PET (No. 1) plastics are found in microwave food trays, peanut butter and medicine jars, combs and carbonated beverage bottles. Many containers have the numbers on the containers along with the recycling symbol.
Lipscomb said the city is currently handing out about 1,000 recycling bags per month. The bags are given out free and can be picked up at Kingwood City Hall. Once filled, a pickup date can be scheduled.