Kerri Kosten, Local Sports

Waibogha works at JUCO for his Division I shot

Ben Waibogha has set his sights on playing Division I football.

Playing at a junior college for two years is part of his plan to be prepared for the next level.

A Morgantown native, Waibogha is a 2017 graduate of Morgantown High School.

He has been playing football since he was in third grade.

After high school graduation, he enrolled at Lackawanna College, in Scranton, Pa.

Waibogha said he chose to attend Lackawanna because it would help him become a better football player.

“It was always my dream to go Division I, but with a scholarship,” he said. “I felt like coming to Lackawanna will achieve my dream and make me mature as a player off and on the field.”

The atmosphere is what Waibogha likes best about Lackawanna.

“Just being around a bunch of guys that have the same dream as you,” he said.

As a freshman, Waibogha played in five games. He finished with 20 total tackles, including 15 solo, five assisted. He also had two interceptions.

Waibogha said playing at Lackawanna is very different than at MHS.

“JUCO (junior college) is very competitive, and the competition I played this year produced a lot of players who went Division I football or are going to be playing Division I later on,” he said.

Waibogha enjoys being able to play with one of his teammates from MHS, Camron Henderson.

“It’s a great feeling with Cam and it’s even more fun playing on the field with him,” he said. “He plays corner and I play safety on the same side as him, so the high school connection is still intact.”

Waibogha said Scranton is different than Morgantown.

“Coming here was a culture shock,” he said. “Being so far away from my family and friends. There’s definitely a lot more to do in Morgantown.”

He has one more year, and Waibogha said that after he graduates from Lackawanna, his goal is to play Division I football.

“That’s looking bright for me if I stay focused,” he said. “I’m talking to FBS and FCS schools all over the country.”

In his spare time, Waibogha gets in extra work to get better at his sport.

“Just like what is said, there’s not much to do here,” he said. “On weekends when we are off, Camron and I go to a field and do ladders or cone drills or we go to the gym and lift.”

Waibogha is the son of Kimberly and Sylvanus. His major is liberal studies so he gets all transferable credits for his next school.