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Easter Bunny pays a visit to Ruby Memorial

MORGANTOWN — The Easter Bunny skipped the hops March 29, instead hitching a ride on a helicopter and landing on Ruby Memorial Hospital to make the rounds.
It’s the second year for the event, said Michael Angelucci, administrator of the Marion County Rescue Squad. The event is a collaboration between the rescue squad, HealthNet Aeromedical Services and WVU Medicine Children’s.
The Easter Bunny hopped off the helicopter Thursday morning and into the elevator to visit patients in the children’s hospital, bringing along baskets of goodies to hand out.
“Being in the hospital during the holidays is unfortunate, but we try to do something to brighten their spirits,” Angelucci said.
And the results are evident when organizers see the children’s faces.
“The reactions are priceless,” he said.
“It gives them something to think about other than being in the hospital.”
The baskets of goodies were donated to the hospital, and then the Easter Bunny traveled from room to room, greeting children and their parents.
Angelucci said even the parents were happy at the Easter Bunny’s arrival. “You see a sigh of relief.”