Cheat Lake Elementary holds Career Day

CHEAT LAKE — What do you want to be when you grow up?

Third-, fourth- and fifth- graders at Cheat Lake Elementary may have a new answer to that question after Tuesday morning.

Michele Brown, counselor for those grade levels at Cheat Lake, said the students were introduced to several career options during Career Day at the school.

“Career fairs are a tradition in Mon County, but if you would go from school to school, you would see that they’re held very differently from one school to the other,” she said.

The overall goal is the same though: Introduce kids to as many different options as possible.

“You want to get the students thinking about their future,” she said.

So on Tuesday, Cheat Lake Elementary opened its doors to a lawyer, firefighter, X-ray technician, military members, a -fit fitness trainer, auto detailers and more in hopes of opening the children’s eyes to career possibilities.

WVU ROTC US Army helicopter pilot Don Kirk fits helmet on Brandon Woody at Career Day at Cheat Lake Elementary Tuesday.

Guest speakers set up in each homeroom, and the students moved from class to class, listening to what each job entailed.

Marcus Fisher, chief engineer for the NASA Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) Program, was one of the speakers.

He explained the types of projects students would work on if they chose to work for NASA in West Virginia.

“These kids don’t have to leave the state of West Virginia to get what I consider a cool job …” he said, “so I’m trying to explain that to them and make sure they understand that.”