Trinity Christian School STEM students continue to excel

Trinity Christian School STEM students continue to excel in research and presentation skills, as evidenced by their strong showing at the 2018 West Virginia Regional Science Fair, held at Fairmont State University in February.

STEM involves science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

Prior to the fair, Trinity students worked for three to five months doing background research and conducting project studies. At the completion of their projects, students presented their findings at the Trinity Science Fair in January to demonstrate their understanding of their scientific inquiry in meaningful ways to peers and the local community. Based on judging from local science professionals, students were selected to represent Trinity Christian School at the regional fair.

The following students received awards for their entries: Hannah Hughes, Biology (2nd place), Junior Division; Hannah Tager, Chemistry (1st place), Junior Division; Hope Kinder, Environmental Science (2nd place), Junior Division; Charles Nemecek, Physics (3rd place), Junior Division; Miller Palmer, Engineering (1st Place), Junior Division; Jaden Sheffstall, Engineering (3rd Place), Junior Division; Madison Stellato, Chemistry (2nd Place), Junior Division; Gabe Turak, Mathematics (2nd Place), Junior Division; Trevor Cooke, Physics (1st Place), Senior Division; Jaclyn Smith, Chemistry (1st Place), Senior Division.

Trinity Christian School is an interdenominational institution in Morgantown, committed to providing a life changing education for students in grades Pre-k through 12.