Preston man charged with DUI; blood alcohol level of 0.352

KINGWOOD — A Masontown man is charged with DUI while having a blood alcohol level of 0.352 — more than four times the legal limit to drive of .08.

Duane Albert Jenkins, 56, was arrested on a warrant charging him with third-offense DUI, a felony. Bond was set at $7,500.

According to the criminal complaint by Preston Sheriff’s Deputy First Class J.C. Farling: On Feb. 24, Jenkins was found unconscious in a Hyundai in the middle of Dillions Creek Road. The vehicle was running, wipers were on and the radio was playing loudly.

Jenkins was lying across the front seat, using a case of Budweiser for a pillow. When officers were able to wake him, he told them he had drank “16 beers and a bottle of Jim Beam.” They called an ambulance and sent him to the hospital because of his condition.