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Easter Bunny makes visit to Morgantown Mall

MORGANTOWN — Sometimes, a kid just needs a little convincing, that’s all, which is why Kayson Reeler hopped to it Sunday afternoon at Morgantown Mall — right after his mom plopped down next to the Easter Bunny.

“Hey, whatever works,” Megan Reeler said, laughing, as her

2-year-old sidled in for the shot.

A couple of shutter-clicks, and it was done.

The end result was another photographic record of a pastel harbinger of spring.

This time around, it was Kayson taking the role of Everyman kid (reluctant, or no) posing with the lanky leoprid known for those brightly colored eggs and all that chocolate.

Well, actually, it took a couple more shutter-clicks before it was done done.

Kayson’s cousin, Preston Zimmerman, 5, also decided to say hello to the big bunny.
Preston’s grandmother, and Megan’s mom, Judy Smith, egged him on.

“Family portrait,” Smith said.
“And if you put this in the paper, you have to call me, ‘Gammy.’ That’s how everybody knows me now.”
Kayson and Preston blinked shyly, even as they enjoyed their 15 seconds of fame on the Bunny Trail.

Meanwhile, Addison Kittridge, 5, didn’t need much convincing for her session in front of the lens.

Her mom, Stacy Kittridge, didn’t even have to do that much stage managing.

“Smile, sweetie. Teeth. I wanna see teeth.” Addison complied, with a brush-after-every-meal display that could have out-dazzled any Easter bonnet.

“Perfect,” mom Stacy said. “Who doesn’t want a picture with the
Easter Bunny?”

Just follow the photographic to Morgantown Mall for one with your kid.

The Easter Bunny will be hopping and holding court for the rest of this month.

Next Sunday, a “Sensitive Bunny” visit will be hosted privately at the mall for youngsters with medical considerations.

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