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Granville Town Council voted to purchase items to improve softball park

For The Dominion Post
GRANVILLE — Granville Town Council voted unanimously this week to purchase some items to improve the softball park.
Council voted to buy a chain link fence for softball field 3 at a cost of $4,627. The fence will prevent softballs from going into the creek.
Council also voted to purchase two safety nets for softball fields 1 and 2 from Beacon Athletics at a cost of $9,904.
The safety net for field 2 will prevent balls from going into the creek, and the safety net for field 1 will protect people in the bleachers and on the sidewalk.
A motion to buy eight sets of bleachers on NJPA for the softball park was made and approved by council. Concrete pads for the bleachers was also discussed, but council’s major concern right now is to purchase the bleachers.
“I will try to get a couple different estimates on the concrete, and we will have to find out how thick the recommendation is for the size,” said Mayor Patricia Lewis.
In other news:
Council agreed with the zoning report, and a public hearing is scheduled for 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. March 26.
Potholes are still a big concern and some residents have reported getting flat tires.
“We absolutely do have a legal responsibility to maintain the roads, and we are liable if we’re negligent in maintaining the roads, by state law,” said Town Attorney Michael Solomon.
Council put road issues on the agenda for the next meeting to make a decision on how to address the situation.