‘Freezin’ for a reason (with some Cheat Lake shark-hunting, too)

MORGANTOWN — You never know what you’ll find when you go Plunging at Cheat Lake.

Dan Miller came up with a 2-foot shark — yes, really — during the “Freezin’ for a Reason” Polar Plunge, at the lake Feb. 17.

The annual Plunge raises money for West Virginia Special Olympics.

Participants jump in icy water in exchange for cold, hard cash (well, checks and digital transfers, also).

Miller, an aquatic biologist, acquired the 2-foot freshwater shark (named, “Sharkey”) for the occasion.

Sharkey, deceased, had been hooked off the North Carolina coast and sent on ice to Miller for the occasion of the Plunge.

Miller, done out as the “Aquatic Ballerina,” had Sharkey stashed in his tutu the whole time.

Miller popped Sharkey out of his tutu when he went under water.

Plunges in Morgantown and across the state annually raise around $30,000 for Special Olympics.